"87FRESH is not just a candle company; it’s a proud Latin women-owned venture. We embrace our heritage and the rich diversity it brings to our brand. Our candles reflect the vibrancy and authenticity that characterize Latin culture."

87FRESH candles are a canvas for humor, sarcasm, and women empowerment. We believe that every moment of relaxation should come with a side of laughter. That's why our candle labels feature witty and empowering words that add an extra layer of joy to your space." says co-founder, Karen Vallejo.

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At 87FRESH, our candles are not just products; they're a reflection of our core values and a celebration of individuality. Here's a deeper dive into what we mean:

Toxin-Free Tranquility: Our commitment to toxin-free candles goes beyond just providing a safe environment for you and your loved ones. We meticulously select and blend only the purest ingredients to create candles that promote well-being in your home. You can light our candles with confidence, knowing that you're enhancing your space with clean, natural scents.

Gender-Neutral Scents: We believe that scents should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender. In a world where scents are often marketed with gender stereotypes, we break away from tradition. Our scents are carefully curated to be universally appealing, ensuring that everyone can find something they love without feeling confined by societal expectations. We want our candles to be a source of joy and comfort for everyone, no matter how they identify.

Sass and Empowerment: Our candles carry a unique personality. We infuse them with humor, sarcasm, and words of women empowerment. These witty and empowering labels add a delightful layer of personality to your space.

In essence, 87FRESH candles are a harmonious blend of purity, inclusivity, and a dash of fun. They're designed not only to make your space smell great but also to make you smile, feel empowered, and connect with a brand that aligns with your values.

Welcome to 87FRESH, where we combine clean ingredients and a touch of sass to light up your life.